Dances Were Never My Scene

As The Plot Thickens

Compositor: Nabil

Replace the awkwardness of stares
With some form of conversation
This is a failing attempt to avoid all forms of confrontation
So sit back, relax, enjoy the ride
Take back in your eyes
This isn't a feeble attempt or a cry for attention

These nights bring out the worst in us
What am I in for?

A mystery or a monstrosity?

From the top down to the low
It's understood and mutual
That there's nothing quite right in being quiet
If silence is all we know
From the top down, looking down...down
Through the change of perspective
Our comprehension is hindered
By the sound of the sound

This is not a means for an end
But a chance for something different

These nights they bring out the worst in us
What am I in for?
With every move that I make
Brings it closer to the light of day
Closer in my mind when I awake

Fact or fiction?
Just take it for what it's worth

The weight that I bare
Is overpowered by the affection
That I can't show

Fact or fiction
Just take this for what it's worth

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